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Advanced Device Technology, Inc. (ADT) has been the innovative designers of Infrared (IR) products since 1982.

This site is intended to provide a brief overview of the company's history and its current activities.

Over the 34 - year history of the company, these products have been designed for  numerous military and commercial applications.

ADT has continued to grow with the changing landscape of technology, by developing products with:

          HgCdTe, QWIP, and Superlattices (SL) Materials.

The Company's current activities are directed towards the development of IR products with:

          1)  Focal Plane Arrays (FPAs) in Broad LWIR Band, Broad MWIR Band, Broad SWIR Band


                                      Co-located Broad Dual Band ( MWIR/LWIR) Formats


           2)  Imaging Instruments with FPAs on SL Material.


Home Office:
4 Raymond Ave, Suite #4B
Salem,NH 03079


Please direct all inquires to info@adtin.com




Advanced Device Technology, Inc.